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Age: 11
Power: Speedster

Absolutely nobody was surprised when Hannah developed superspeed at five years old. After all, her paternal grandfather is Mr. Swift, her mother is Miss Swift, and her father was the sidekick Little Swift.

An only child in a major superhero dynasty, Hannah was happy to enjoy the fame and the power until she overheard the teachers at school call her "Princess Bossy". Upset, she told her parents and promised herself that she'd try to be less snobby to non-powered people. To this end, she asked to transfer to CROWN and instead of a Swift-related name took the name Circlet.

Pretty much everyone in the business knows the Swift dynasty, for good or ill, and Circlet isn't above using this to go get advice for herself or her team. Conversely, while she's pretty comfortable with the weird and frenetic life of a superhero, she finds the calm day-to-day of civilian life incredibly dull, and will take off when she's bored.

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Age: 12
Power: Holder of the La Fleur De Chevalerie

Tiara has always loved the stories of King Arthur and his knights, and decided at a very early age that she was going to be a knight when she grew up. Not a dame, and certainly not a damsel, but a knight. Her parents agreed to get her fencing lessons, thinking she'd lose interest in a few weeks, but she applied herself and there was talk of the Olympics.

On her eleventh birthday Verity was taken out shopping by her mother, and consequently witnessed the death of the hero Misericorde at the hand of one of Papa Wolf's cubs. Witnesses report that when Misericorde fell, La Fleur De Chevalerie fell out of her hand and bounced, tip over pommel, to Verity's feet. Tiara grabbed it, weighed it thoughtfully, then in her best grown-up voice told the cub to go away "before I really give you something to howl about."

La Fleur De Chevalerie, also known as The Flower of Chivalry, has always chosen its own wielders. This act of bravery was enough to persuade it to stitch itself into Tiara's aura.

Tiara is to be considered armed at all times- the Flower will appear in her hand any time she makes a suitable pulling motion from the air in front of her. In recent months blue-gold armour has also started to form around her when she does this. The Flower will desert her if she ever uses it to strike a dishonourable blow, but since Tiara has taken this experience as a sign she should try to live a life of utmost chivalry (the medieval romantic concept, not the actual code for cavalry fighters) this is an unlikely scenario.

Tiara lives at home with her parents and two elder brothers, Lance and Gareth. Both brothers are protective of their little sister, and will from time to time accompany Tiara on her field missions as an informal bodyguard detail.

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So we have new blog called Superheroes Are For Girls, Too which is freaking adorable by way of being little girls dressed as their favourite heroes. Wonder Woman is obviously pretty well represented, but Supergirl and Batgirl are also firm favourites.

It seems to me pretty obvious that young girls need more heroes that a) look cool b) aren't distaff equivalents of existsing male heroes and c) don't have any kind of sexual assault in their backstory. Because that there's a superheroine trope that needs to end now, please. So I spent a day playing with Heromachine and came up with- well, if the JLA was British and comprised of 11 year old girls.

Biographies to follow!


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